Capacitating the health sector through YES: Webinar round up

Posted on July 28, 2021

Missed our June healthcare webinar? Want to make a tangible difference to communities? Here’s an easy-to-read round-up of important insights and information.

One of the major challenges facing South Africa is the lack of access to healthcare, particularly in rural and under-resourced communities where COVID-19 has hit hardest. Many South African businesses want to play their part in protecting the most vulnerable but find their own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Socio-Economic Development (SED) budgets under pressure.

Through the YES turnkey solution (implementation partner model), businesses can bolster South Africa’s health sector, create employment for youth and receive B-BBEE level up(s) on their scorecard. YES implementation partners (IPs) Youth Health Africa and Blossom Care Solutions were in the spotlight this month, discussing their impactful solutions that could aid in rebuilding a more inclusive economy.

What is the YES turnkey solution?

The YES turnkey solution works with 35 YES-vetted IPs across South Africa to place youth. If a corporate cannot place youth in their own organisation, they have the option to place youth with our IPs. The IPs are generally NGOs working in communities, which means youth do not have to travel far for work and they can play a part in building their communities.

Youth Health Africa (YHA)

“The healthcare sector was drastically overburdened before COVID-19, despite our youth unemployment rates.” – Farai Mzungu, YHA.

Infographic showing the success of the YES programme

YHA is a healthcare-focused youth empowerment organisation combatting HIV and youth unemployment through a one-year skills development programme. The multi-disciplinary and youth-led organisation has a national footprint, operating in eight of the nine provinces. Since its inception two years ago, YHA has trained over 2,250 youth, with the aim of designing programme processes that contribute meaningfully to the sector, and create meaningful work experiences for youth so they can enter permanent employment. Their absorption rate post-programme sits at an impressive 40%.

There’s a common misconception that careers in healthcare require more clinical skills, but YHA is working to combat that, hiring youth in roles ranging from data capturing and analysis, to dev, all the way to patient navigation. They provide unique and intensive training through both digital and face-to-face platforms. Modules include work readiness, getting youth prepared for the field, safety, entrepreneurship, and tech and data training. They have also implemented performance processes, where youth are measured against KPIs. If youth are struggling, YHA provides one-on-one interventions.

Blossom Care Solutions (BCS)

“The civil unrest we’ve experienced is very symptomatic of the broader societal issues we are facing as a country. This only strengthens my resolve and makes me more passionate and determined about the Blossom project and what we wish to accomplish.” – Shamiela Sarlie, BSC

Sanitary Statistics
Screenshot 2021-08-06 at 09.58.51

BSC – a small-scale, low-cost, disruptive solution – aims to provide girls with access to feminine hygiene products by manufacturing and distributing low-cost sanitary pads. Lack of access to feminine hygiene products, as outlined above, is a driver of gender inequality and disempowerment, solidifying barriers to education, employment, and guaranteed rights (such as hygiene and reproductive rights). This then has ripple effects on the development of communities and the broader economy.

BSC delivers a triple benefit to the country. The fully compostable sanitary pads are kind to the environment, solve a crucial social problem of keeping girls in school and women in work, and create youth jobs. They focus on employing and training black women to start their own micro-franchises. The lightweight equipment makes it easier for women to enter the manufacturing industry.

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